Cancer Humor Specialist – Andrea Lynn Katz

Right before her 50th birthday, Andrea Lynn Katz was diagnosed with an incurable type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Known for her wicked sense of humor, Andrea was determined to set an upbeat tone her 50th birthday celebration. She decided to deliver her own roast. The roast was filled with cancer humor that planted the seeds for her first book, a book that focuses on cancer humor:  Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives on Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis.
Andrea had a vision: create an alter ego character (Chemo KateLynn) and humorously depict different slices of her life from office politics to family dynamics. Cancer humor is brilliantly illuminated by illustrating two perspectives of a given situation in the life of Chemo KateLynn . Her two perspectives are BC and AD:  Before Cancer and After Diagnosis.

To make Chemo KateLynn's character come alive, Andrea engaged artist Brandon Friend.  The end result is a witty, completely- and cleverly-illustrated book about life and cancer humor.

In addition to being an author and cancer survivor, Andrea Lynn Katz is a motivational, inspirational and downright funny speaker specializing in cancer topics including cancer humor. Andrea posses a unique talent that brings the gift of inspiration and laughter to cancer patients, cancer survivors and cancer caregivers.

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If you want to raise the spirits of a woman battling cancer, buy this book!

~Dayva Zaccaria

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