Cancer and Laughter

Cancer and laughter go hand-in-hand in the book, “Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives on Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis.

Cancer and laughter are not mutually exclusive terms. If you have cancer and laughter is lacking in your life, or if you know someone with cancer who needs to laugh, then this book is a must-read!

Andrea Lynn Katz is a graduate of the “C” School (as in cancer) with a C.C.S. degree (as in Certified Cancer Survivor).  Using Chemo KateLynn as her alter-ego, Katz speaks from her heart – and her funny bone – with credibility about coping with a disease that is scary, painful, and full of challenges – not the least of which is to decide to embrace life with a positive outlook. Chemo KateLynn admits that “cancer does suck,” but funny things happen along the way while fighting this disease. Chemotherapy may have taken Katz’s hair, but no amount of chemo could make a dent in her sense of humor.

This book is a witty and cleverly illustrated book that weaves the themes of cancer and laughter into the fabric of every page.  Chemo KateLynn invites us all to appreciate the beauty of each day, find humor in everyday living and be receptive to recognizing, cherishing, creating and sharing those amusing moments with others.

Want to learn more about incorporating cancer and laughter? Get your copy of Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives on Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis today!