A Good Cancer Resource

If you’re looking for a cancer resource that can bring the gift of laughter to a cancer patient, you’ve come to the right place.

Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives of Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis is a unique cancer resource.  After being diagnosed with an incurable form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma three months before her fiftieth birthday, Andrea decided to write a book that would capture some of the funny things that happened to her as she fought her battle with cancer. The book is a witty and cleverly illustrated commentary about various slices of daily life – from office politics to family dynamics – as seen through the eyes of the author’s alter ego in her BC (before cancer) and AD (after diagnosis) days.

In addition to fighting cancer and writing a book, Andrea is also a great cancer resource in another arena – she’s an inspiring motivational speaker.  Her motto, “If you fall off your horse, get back on a camel,” speaks to her philosophy of turning negative situations like cancer into positive outcomes.  Finding a cancer resource who can be both informative and inspirational is a difficult search.  Your search is now over.  Andrea Lynn Katz and her book are bound to generate inspiration and laughter.

Looking for a good cancer resource? Get your copy of Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives on Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis today!