Cancer Survivor Story

Looking for cancer survivor stories?  The story of Andrea Lynn Katz is a compelling one.

Andrea’s battle with an incurable type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is one of the most interesting cancer survivor stories.  That’s because while she was undergoing chemotherapy, she decided to write a humorous book.  Yes, you read correctly – a humorous book.  While others might want to crawl under the covers after receiving a diagnosis such as hers (and understandably so), Andrea chose to focus on the “can” in “cancer.”

Andrea was diagnosed with follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma just three months shy of her fiftieth birthday.  Known for her wicked sense of humor, Andrea was determined to set an upbeat tone her fiftieth birthday celebration with close friends and family.  She accomplished this by writing and delivering a very funny toast to those gathered in her home; it was filled with self-deprecating humor -- and the seeds for her first book, Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives on Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis.

The book is a witty, completely- and cleverly-illustrated book about common life situations - such as office politics and family dynamics – as seen through the eyes of a woman in her BC (before cancer) and AD (after diagnosis) days. 

“While there is nothing funny about a diagnosis of cancer, there are funny things that happen to you as you fight the disease,” said Andrea.  “That’s what I tried to capture in my book.”  The author’s mental strength and optimism in the face of fighting incurable cancer is truly one of the most uplifting and inspiring of cancer survivor stories. 

If you are looking for a cancer survivor who embodies the most admirable traits and whose personal battle with cancer is among the most positive of cancer survivor stories, Andrea Lynn Katz is the person you’re looking for.

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