Chemo KateLynn - Will Make You "Rethink"

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Cancer... the word itself is frightening - whether the word is referring to a diagnosis you receive, a loved one, or a friend... Most of us know someone who has been touched by cancer in some way. Cancer has touched me personally - I have lost family and a friend to the disease. Not to mention my family and friends who were diagnosed and are now thankfully cancer free.

When Andrea Lynn Katz, CSS (Certified Cancer Survivor), was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma her world changed. BC (Before Cancer) Andrea was working in 'Corporate America' as a busy executive with long hours and traveling quite a bit. At the same time trying to raise two children. Always exhausted from her hectic schedule. AD (After Diagnosis) Andrea began to rethink her life. Being diagnosed in 2007, suffering a relapse in 2009, and "facing the daunting physical & mental challenges associated with a stem-cell transplant" you might think that Andrea would feel defeated, but she believed that a positive outlook is important, and with that positive outlook she looked for ways to bring a smile to the faces around her. About the time of her diagnosis Andrea was going to celebrate her 50th birthday. It was "a bit awkward to celebrate a birthday so soon after her diagnosis, and she wanted to break the ice. So she roasted herself." Part of the result of that roast and the humor she chose to turn to is her book, Chemo KateLynn: Humorous Perspectives on Life Before Cancer and After Diagnosis. She found she could make people laugh with her humorous comparisons of life before cancer and life after cancer....

" I never cooked in BC years, and in my AD years, I still don't cook, but I have an excuse; my wig is flammable."

"Andrea and Chemo KateLynn invite us all to appreciate the beauty of each day, find humor in everyday living and be receptive to recognizing, cherishing, creating and sharing those moments with others. Chemo KateLynn admits that "cancer does suck," but funny things happen along the way while fighting this disease. Chemotherapy may have taken her hair, but no amount of chemo could make a dent in her sense of humor."

With cute cartoons, we face the doctor appointments, "night caps", hair care products and more with Chemo KateLynn BC and AD. And in the process we are made to "rethink" these things ourselves and what is really important in our lives.

Chemo KateLynn by Andrea Lynn Katz will be published in the fall. A book I would recommend to your friend or loved one and their caregivers. Also a portion of the proceeds of the book is going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!