“I wish I’d had this book when my wife was undergoing chemo; it would have given both of us a sorely needed laugh.”
Sandy Sbarra, spouse of cancer survivor


“Andrea knows how to make people laugh and to “rethink” what is really important in our lives.  I would highly recommend this book to your friend, loved one or their caregiver.”
Suzanne Levin, chickwithbooks.blogspot.com


“Andrea has kept me laughing my whole life.  I guarantee the humor in this book will make you laugh too.”
Ellen Maurer, cancer survivor


“This book is a must-read for anyone who has been touched by cancer.  I know you will relate to Chemo KateLynn’s humorous way of looking at life “BC” (before cancer) and “AD” (after diagnosis).
Nina Bravman, MA, Ed.S.


“If you want to raise the spirits of a woman battling cancer, buy this book!”
Dayva Zaccaria, cancer survivor


“Andrea gets us laughing as we recognize the many truths in what she writes about cancer, chemotherapy, and everyday life.”
Lucille V. Corrier, cancer survivor